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2019 SoCal Blending Conference (June 8-9)

On June 8-9, 2019, about 3,600 saints from 50 churches came together to be blended through the enjoyment of the Lord’s up-to-date speaking.

Message 1: “The Intrinsic Significance of the Experience of Christ”

Message 2: “Knowing and Experiencing Christ as the Pattern”

Message 3: “Experiencing Christ as Our Constant Salvation”.

These three messages were given according to the first three outlines from the 2019 International Memorial Day Conference that took place May 24-27, 2019 in Seattle, WA.


The conference handouts (in all languages) can be downloaded here:
1.  Message 1
2.  Message 2
3.  Message 3


The conference videos can be viewed here:

Message 1 – Saturday, 6/8, afternoon session

Message 2 – Saturday, 6/8, evening session

Message 3 – Lord’s Day, 6/9, morning session


To play the audio of any message, click the desired link below. To download a message, right click on the link and selecting “Save link as…”:

Message 1: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese

Message 2: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese

Message 3: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese


To listen any of the conference messages, press play on the relevant audio player below.

Message 1 – Sat. PM1 – 6/08/2019

Message 2 – Sat. PM2 – 6/08/2019

Message 3 – L.D. AM – 6/09/2019


If you enjoyed something from the fellowship or have a related testimony, please post a comment below to share your enjoyment.

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