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    Oak Glen Report and Fellowship

    Over the last three years, the saints in the churches in Southern California have been steadily giving toward the approximately $8 million purchase price for the Southern California Blending Center in Oak Glen, which was acquired in 2015. While the church in Irvine has already reached its goal of $820,000 as of June of this year, some of the other churches in Southern California have not yet met their own goals. Two nearby churches (Santa Ana and San Diego) have faced particular challenges due to general income level of the saints as well as a high level of full-time support for serving ones in the US and abroad.
    After fellowship and prayer, the leading brothers in Irvine felt that the Lord has blessed the church in Irvine where we can help both localities reach their goal for Oak Glen. This is to apply the principle of the Body and the Lord’s word in 2 Corinthians 8:14-15 “But it is out of equality; at the present time your abundance for their lack…he who gathered much had no excess and he who gathered little had no lack.” Therefore, we feel to increase Irvine’s goal for Oak Glen by $176,000 (for a total of $996,000). While the Lord can certainly meet the need in many ways, we feel that such a freewill offering given by the church in Irvine would be found
    to be well-pleasing to Him (Heb. 13:16). All the saints are encouraged to seek the Lord’s leading as to how they might respond to this fellowship in the Lord.

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