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    Prayer Burdens

    International Prayer Burdens: The Reality of the Body of Christ and the Lord’s Move in Northern Germany

    • Pray that the word released in the Thanksgiving conference will be effectual in the saints for the bringing forth of the reality of the Body of Christ in the churches.

    • Pray that our daily life would be one of enjoying the Spirit of reality and allowing this Spirit to constitute us with Christ to be the corporate living of Jesus on earth.


    The Lord’s Move in Northern Germany

    In the cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover there have been groups of saints meeting for a number of years but without the Lord’s table. In each of these three localities there are between 10 to 15 saints who meet regularly. ¬†Occasionally they will travel to Hamburg to have a larger gathering but the feeling is that it may not be so profitable for them to meet like this for years without the table. ¬†There is the strong burden that in these cities the Lord would raise up the church life in these cities as churches meeting on the ground of oneness for the Lord’s testimony.

    • Please pray that there will be the burden within the saints in the other German cities to migrate to meet the need for the Lord’s testimony in these cities in Northern Germany.

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