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    FTTA Trainee Testimonies

    We continue to report testimonies written by our Irvine-sent and Irvine-related trainees regarding their enjoyment and experience in the FTTA for the encouragement of all the saints.

    Hi Saints,
    We are now reaching the thirteenth week of the term (including pre-training). After coming back from the college conference, I have to say that it was so encouraging to see many young people for the Lord! One of my contacts who grew up in the church attended his first college conference! Also, two new ones that we have been shepherding in my small group made it up the mountain to see Christ as the living Word of God! All of these brothers have been faithful to attend the small group meetings, Bible studies and one on one

    As I go in the training, I am realizing more about myself. Third term has brought a number of services/responsibilities that are dealing with my natural disposition, thus increasing my fellowship with the Lord and the Body. A specific service that I did not want to be placed on was given to me this term. It was originally not assigned to me but due to certain circumstances I was told to take it. After some time, I opened to the Lord regarding my frustration. As I was carrying out another service one morning, the Lord appeared to me and pointed me to a line from Hymn #463, which told me not to halve my service to Him. Having this shining from the Lord led me to sing this song, followed by the footnote in Exodus 21:5. I realized that any service to the Lord should issue out of my love for Him and for the Body. We should be willing to listen to our Master’s voice because His life is a serving life.

    Also, service on the gospel involves Body consciousness and mutual learning. I realize that in myself I cannot do any of these things and that it is very easy for the flesh to be expressed. I can no longer show up to a meeting empty but I am learning to feed my team with my enjoyment of Christ. Therefore, we see that our personal time is crucial so that out of it we may have the proper fellowship and coordination in the Body. May the Lord build us up in love as we coordinate and go out on the campus!
    —Nestor Zepeda

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