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    Report from Fall ITERO in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia

    The following is a continuation of the report from last week regarding Addis Ababa.

    As a result of ITERO and the corporate blending meeting it was evident that a “new day” has dawned in Africa. This “new day” is for an increased blending of the churches outside of Africa with the churches in Africa. As the ministry of the New Testament has brought the flow of the divine stream to this continent it was clearly manifested that it is now time for the circulation of this flow to come to Africa through the fellowship and blending of the Body by saints outside Africa going to visit the saints and churches in Africa. The co-worker concluded by sharing that as a result of this time we should no longer view Africa as a “dark”, isolated
    continent but one which is full of “light” and open to us for our visitation for fellowship and blending.

    My wife and I were also able to attend the Tuesday night prayer meeting of the church there. The meeting was attended by a few others from the US and other countries and around 30 brothers from Ghana. The prayer meeting of the church there is a meeting attended routinely by two thirds of the saints in the church.

    Their one accord and fervency was manifested strongly in the meeting. The meeting was full of the strong exercise of the spirit in a prevailing one accord with prayer for the spread of the Lord’s testimony throughout Africa, and also, for many young people to be gained and to attend the Full Time Pursuit Training in Addis
    Ababa. The leading brothers shared in this meeting that the government of Ethiopia is now “relaxing” visa requirements for people from other African countries to come to Ethiopia. This they believe is the Lord’s work to “widen the door” for African saints outside Ethiopia to come there and for young people to come and participate in the Full Time Pursuit Training in Addis Ababa.

    As one last note, my wife and I were able to have lunch with Paul NiAiyee and another brother from Ghana after the training. Paul and his wife, Pam, who were in Irvine a number of years ago, now have 4 children and are both serving full-time in Accra Ghana. It was also wonderful to see another one of the FTTA grads who served in Irvine a couple years ago who is now married and serving full-time with the NiAiyees in Accra, Ghana.

    May the Lord bless His move in Africa through our prayer, through our fellowship in financial giving and through an increased blending by the saints outside Africa visiting the saints and churches in Africa. May we all be kept in the one unique flow of the divine stream by giving the Lord the preeminence in our entire being for His propagation in Irvine and over all the earth.

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