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Prayer Burdens

International Prayer Burden: Propagating the Resurrected, Ascended and All-Inclusive Christ and the Lord’s Move and the Lord’s Move in Germany

Propagating the Resurrected, Ascended and All-Inclusive Christ as the Development of the Kingdom of God

  • Pray that the word released in the recent ITERO in Addis Ababa will operate in the churches for the spread of the church as the propagation of the living person of Christ all over this earth.
  • Pray that the saints in all the churches will be kept in the one divine stream to carry out this propagation by giving the Lord the preeminence in our entire being and making Him our first love.

The Lord’s Move in Germany – New School Year

  • Pray that the Lord would reap a harvest of young college students, especially freshmen, from the campuses where the saints are laboring in Berlin, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.
  • Pray for the opening of the eyes of the students to be enlightened to see the economy of the mystery of God’s eternal purpose.

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