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2018 Winter Training and Registration


Ministry Conference Center, Anaheim, CA. Simultaneous Webcast in Irvine (English/Korean at Hall 3, Chinese at Hall 1)

Mon, Dec 24, 4pm—Sat, Dec 29, 9:30pm

Live Training: $210 per trainee
Webcast: $110 per trainee
Outlines are included in donations

LAST DAY to register: October 28, 2018
An additional $50 late fee applies for the Live Training in Anaheim. Webcast late fee of $25 may apply.

To register, please follow these steps carefully:

Online: Please go to login.churchinirvine.org/training (one login credential per registration)
Paper form:
Give completed form to a district brother. Make sure to designate the correct Hall for your badge packet pickup. Campus districts are considered Hall 2.

Online via PayPal or with a credit card:
Please go to churchinirvineofferings.com/training-donations
By check: Please make checks payable to The Church in Irvine.

To confirm that your registration is complete, you should receive:
*Registration email (Proof of registration)
*Donation form email (Record of donation)
*PayPal receipt if donation is via PayPal.
For the live training, no walk-up registrations, substitutions or additions as shared seats will be accepted on the first day of the training. The following brothers are responsible for registration in their respective districts:

Hall 1
District 1 – Kevin Kwan
District 2 – Sae Lee
District 3 – Bruce Li

Hall 2
District 4/5 – Francesco Prano / Wayne
Kusumo / Leon Wang
District 6 – Haixuan Shi

Hall 3
District 7/8 – Lazarus Sun / Han Chen /
Alan Chung
District 9 – James Jin

You may also email training_registration@churchinirvine.org.

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