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    Testimonies from the Full-Time Training

    We continue reporting testimonies written by our Irvine-sent and Irvine-related trainees regarding their enjoyment and experience in the FTTA for the encouragement of all the saints.

    So far the training has been enjoyable, yet physically and sometimes spiritually exhausting. I would definitely say that no matter how I’m feeling inwardly, Christ is continually working Himself into me. The training I am
    receiving I feel the Lord specifically arranged for me. The house I am in, the team I am on, the young people I am serving with, and the locality I am serving in all provide me with the opportunities I need to turn to the Lord and
    experience more of Christ’s divine attributes. The house I am in is small, which has been a blessing because I have been able to become close to and fellowship with all of the girls. The team I am on is filled with brothers and sisters who love the Lord, help usher me into my spirit, and are fun to spend the long car rides to Riverside with. A lot of my teammates also have parents who are not in the church life so we are able to share our experiences taking care of our families with each other. The young people I am serving with are so sweet and really want to spend time with us trainees, which is something I hear doesn’t occur in every locality. My locality in Eastvale is very different than Irvine. It’s smaller and has only one English speaking home and prayer meeting. During the Lord’s table the English-, Chinese-, and Spanish-speaking saints all mix, which was something to get used to. I have a feeling the Lord placed me here to learn how to function more in meetings. There are so few saints that every member has to pray multiple times in the prayer meetings and Lord’s table, as well as prophesy in the prophesying meeting. The Lord has really presented an environment that shines light on my weaknesses and allows me to take Him as my person.

    As far as the classes, I don’t think I had the proper appreciation of being able to go to (continued from page 1) the training until after I started. One thing I really enjoyed during pre-training week was seeing the recovery of the economy of God. Prior to the training I had a basic understanding of the economy of God, but it now is a little bit clearer. I never saw the need for the recovery of the economy of God, until I started seeing God’s intention and how far away a lot of Christianity is from His goal. I am also really enjoying the Spirit class. Some of the speaking and reading goes over my head, but I never realized there are so many aspects of the Spirit and today we are enjoying the all-inclusive Spirit in our spirit. The Spirit was not yet, but now it is Jesus Christ as the life-giving Spirit available to us. Overall, I know the point of the training is not to learn knowledge, but I have been learning and seeing a lot more in the classes.

    Much grace,

    Allison Hobbick

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