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Prayer Burdens

Local Prayer Burdens: UCI – Fall Quarter Begins – Welcome Week

The UCI fall quarter begins this week and there will be many activities on and near the campus this week for the students, especially the incoming freshman class:

Monday (9/24): Anteater Involvement Fair for all 6,000 incoming freshman to sign-up for clubs in Aldrich Park

Tuesday (9/25): Freshman Connect Dinner at the Cross-Cultural Center to connect the freshman with students in the Christian Students club

Wednesday (9/26):  Introductory Bible Study at noon to inspire the students concerning the importance of reading the Bible and to introduce the new students to the Bible studies held by the Christian Students club.

Wednesday Evening BBQ  to follow-up with contacts made during the week and connect them with other students from the club.

Friday (9/28):  Welcome Dinner to welcome students to our Christian community at UCI composed of students and families from the community and invite new students to the small group meetings held on Wednesday and Friday nights.

During this week, Tuesday through Friday, the Christian Students club will also have a table on campus to contact the new incoming students.

  • Pray for the brooding Spirit to prepare many incoming students to be seeking the purpose and meaning of their life and to be contacted by us.
  • Pray that there will be many solid connections made with the freshmen during this week who become remaining fruit and material for God’s house.
  • Pray for the energizing grace of Christ to supply all the saints to serve in one accord as a corporate priesthood that would issue in the offering up of spiritual sacrifices for God’s satisfaction.

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