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Community Gospel
3 times a week, the saints in Irvine have the opportunity to join the Irvine community trainees to pray, fellowship, and go out to contact people.

Time: 4:30-6:30pm
Location TBD
(please contact Danny Won or Jay Cheng for more information)

Saturdays –
Time: 3-5:30pm
Location: University Park, Irvine
(please contact Lazarus Sun for more information)

Lord’s Days –
Time: 2-4pm
Location: Hall 3 of the Church in Irvine
(4252 Irvine Center Drive)

All the saints are welcome! If you have any questions, please contact Danny Won (949-246-3593), Jay Cheng (949-247-9903) or Lazarus Sun (949-413-1057).

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