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    Testimonies from the Full-Time Training in Anaheim

    In the following weeks, we will be reporting testimonies written by our Irvine-sent and Irvine-related trainees regarding their enjoyment and experience in the FTTA for the encouragement of all the saints.

    Dear saints,
    It is wonderful to be back at the training. After a couple of weeks, I feel back to normal, enjoying Christ :) This term, I did not request a team change. So, I am in the community team and have been placed in the same District in Anaheim. I am also in the same house. Things have not changed very much, but I thank the Lord for His perfect will. Even though I am in the training, which is different than the church life outside of the training, I find that the Lord is giving me an opportunity to have a steady life in the church life. This is pleasant to me, because I didn’t grow up with a fixed environment. For example, I went to 4+ elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school (although I moved about 3 times throughout those four years). The Lord is giving me a pleasantly steady environment. Actually, enjoying such a balanced environment in close proximity to the Training Center is a different feeling than when I started the training last Fall, when I found out I was assigned to serve right across the street from the Training Center. A highlight of the term
    has been the realization that while in the training, I can drop any burden that awaits me after the training. Although I am uncertain about where I will be in the Fall of 2019, at the moment I can stop worrying about that, knowing that I have given myself to the Lord, and thus, He will take care of me. He wants me to simply enjoy Him, eat Him in the word, and be fixed on Him. He is shepherding me with a sweet, and tender care. Praise the Lord! Philippians 1:21 “for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” To live Him requires one thing: enjoying Him!

    Prayer request: that the Lord would shepherd my family into the flow of life, which is in His body.
    Much Love, Silvia Nicole Coto Polanco

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