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Prayer Burdens

Local Prayer Burdens: Irvine-Fall College Retreat, Irvine-Fall College Internship and a Gospel Preaching Culture in Irvine

Oak Glen (Sept. 14-16)

  • Pray for the attendance of the college students at the retreat.
  • Pray for the students to receive a burden from the Lord that would energize them for the Lord’s move on their campuses.
  • Pray for the students to be connected with the families as vital groups in praying for and contacting their fellow students and their family members.

Irvine-Fall College Internship (Sept. 10 – 21)

  • Pray for infusion of the Lord’s burden and the equipping of the students with the truth to become fishers of men and for them to be yoked together for the Lord’s move on their campus.

Irvine – A Gospel Preaching Culture

  • Continue to pray that a gospel preaching culture and atmosphere will be built up in the church here by saints corporately going forth to announce the gospel and for vital groups to be established to labor in prayer and contacting people to announce Christ as the Jubilee.

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