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Upcoming Baptisms (Sept 9)

We are very happy to let the saints know that two young brothers in our small group are getting baptized on Lord’s Day, September 9, following the church-wide gathering at Hall 1 on. The first brother, Jamesio B., met a few of us at a Bibles for America table in Irvine in the spring. The second Kai L., is a colleague of one of our younger working brothers, who brought him to his first small group meeting about a month ago. Both Jamesio and Kai have been enjoying the Lord and are keeping the feast with us on Friday evenings. All the saints are encouraged to stay with them as they get baptized! Also feel free to introduce yourself and to congratulate them! – L.S., District 8

Household Salvation

With joy, we inform you that sister Linda H. was baptized this past Lord’s Day, August 26. Linda is the mother-in-law of Alex L., who was baptized on April 1 at Hall 1. His wife, Diana was baptized last October in another locality. All three were baptized in three different locations on separate occasions, but nevertheless, praise Him for household salvation! May the Lord gain more families in the church in Irvine. God’s salvation is by household, as seen from Noah’s family of 8 in the Old Testament to the household of Cornelius in the book of Acts. May we pursue this pattern to fulfill God’s economy! – District 1

Gospel in the Park

With the view of contacting people in the community and sounding the jubilee for the furtherance of the gospel, our small group held a  simple picnic last Friday, August 31, at the community park in Eastwood Village, a new community being built in North Irvine. Praise the Lord that several new ones came, including two families from the neighborhood! It was a sweet scene with the children running around freely in the open space, the adults chatting casually in the cool evening breeze, and everyone enjoying the delectable food prepared by the saints in love. The night ended with singing and praise to Him at the home of a brother who recently moved to Eastwood as well as more as more fellowship with the new ones to become better acquainted with them. – T.H. & C.M., District 8

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