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    Letters from Andras Fodor

    A very precious and meaningful memorial meeting was held last Lord’s Day for Lisa Fodor (Booth), my dearest wife and mother of my only son Joseph at Hall 1 by the Church in Irvine.

    On behalf of the Booth, Kayekjian and Fodor family I would like to thank all the saints in the church for their support and standing with us at this time of grief and sorrow. We are very much touched by the saints pouring out of their love not only in cooking dinners for us, praying for us, sending comforting messages to us and expressing their heartfelt sympathy, at times in tears, with us, but even in generous giving for the needs of my family. Philippians 4:17-18 says “…I seek the fruit which increases to your account… I have received in full all things and abound…”
    Thank you very much and glory to God!

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