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Prayer Burdens

Regional Prayer Burden: Bay Gospelizing

From January 26th through February 11th, the churches in Northern California participated in a two-week sowing event to Gospelize, Truthize, and Churchize Northern California. Over 1200 volunteers from 40 localities, together with 58 FTTA trainees, gave away about 6,000 Bibles, 4,800 booklets, and tens of thousands of gospel tracts and free Bible offer cards during this time. More than 7,500 people were personally spoken to, nearly
half of whom gave their contact information to the volunteers; 253 prayed to receive the Lord; and five were baptized.

  • Pray for the on-going follow-up and the shepherding care for the many people who were contacted and who received a Bible, book, tract, or Bible offer card.
  • Pray that the Word of God and the ministry of the age would enlighten them and bring them into the experience of Christ as their life.

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