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Prayer Burdens

International: International Memorial Day Conference and the Lord’s Move in Germany

International Memorial Day Conference, Kansas City (May 25-28)

Please pray for:

  • The ministry of the life supply to the churches through the ministry of the word.
  • The receiving of the word in the churches that there would be an advance of the Lord’s move in and through the churches.


The Lord’s Move in Germany – Report from Leipzig

The Lord did something beyond our expectation in Leipzig during the gospel trip of three FTTT trainees.  Two or three local saints went with them each day with the goal not to five out Bibles but to gain ones who can read the Bible with them.  The trainees were scheduled to stay in Leipzig one week and then return to Berlin.

The trainees did not speak much Germany, but after one week, they had home meetings every evening with the new ones. Through fellowship their time was extended for a second week, then a third week, and a fourth week.  After four weeks we now have two (mostly students) who want to read the Bible with us week by week. We do not have any homes in Leipzig yet, but a family that lives in a nearby city is now endeavoring to move to Leipzig to support what the Lord has been doing there.

  • Pray for the continuation of the shredding and care for the new ones, as well as the Lord’s growth in them through His Word.
  • Pray for more families to move to Leipzig to support the Lord’s move in the city.


The Lord’s Move in Germany – College Campus Labor

  • Pray for the campus labor in Frankfurt, Berlin and Stuttgart, that many young Germans would be enlightened to see the mystery of God’s will and become the increase of Christ in Germany.


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