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2018 SSOT – YP Serving Parents & Serving Ones Needed!

Unlike previous years, the Summer School of Truth this year will be held in June, rather than in July (it is scheduled for June 11-16). We are attempting to help the young people start their summer break with a solid week of being infused with Christ and pursuing Him with their peers. In this way, we hope our young people can be strengthened to redeem and sanctify their entire summer break.

The earlier timeframe, though, means that we will not have the benefit of either FTTA trainees or UCI students as serving ones (since they will still be in school/training). Consequently, all YP parents will be required to serve during the SSOT in some capacity.

The greatest need will be in the group times where the parents can play a crucial role of helping the young people stay focused on the lessons, encourage the young people to participate in the group discussion, and even contribute themselves to the discussion from time to time. In addition, any willing saints who may be open to serve in the SSOT are warmly welcome (including single working ones, young couples, etc.).

If you would like to serve in the SSOT, please contact a YP serving one or fill out the form through the following link: https://tinyurl.com/2018SSOTregistration

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