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6th Grade Baptisms

Next Lord’s day, May 20, we will have baptisms at Hall 1 at 4pm. We encourage the saints to come and stand with these young vessels as they are baptized into the Body of Christ and made members of the church. Come and rejoice with them at this marvelous occasion! This weekend, May 11-13, ten of our children attended the Sixth Grade Conference. We pray that their experience of salvation will lead them to love the Lord and consecrate
themselves to Him. Pray also that they all will choose to be transferred into His kingdom in a definite way and their baptism will be full of meaning and impact, giving them a good beginning for their Christian life and church life. Please pray for the following who attended the conference:

  • Tony Yu
  • May Riley
  • Samuel Qu
  • Grace Hsia
  • Ava Jacobson
  • Olivia James
  • Ashley Niu
  • Charlene Wang
  • Zoe Jaramillo
  • Jasmine Mafi

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