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Report on Polish New Testament Recovery Version

Dear Saints,
Here is a brief report on the Polish New Testament Recovery Version distribution which recently took place in Krakow and Warsaw. First year trainees from FTTL and some serving ones from UK joined the local saints
for this event in both localities. We are grateful to the Lord for such a provision from the Body!

Bible distribution in Krakow:
Over a period of 4 days (April 24-27), the saints distributed 701 Bibles and were able to get 27 personal contacts, and 15 prayed to receive the Lord. An average of 12 saints participated each day. The saints mainly focused on two locations: the first was at the gate of AGH (University of Science) and the second was at a major intersection at one of the entrances to the Old Town near Jagiellonian University.

Bible distribution in Warsaw:
There were 3 stages of Bible distribution in Warsaw: On April 21 during an open day for the University of Warsaw, a total number of 15 saints distributed 605 Bibles over a five hour period and were able to get some personal contacts.

1. On April 23-27 an average of 26 saints in 5 places, mostly at the gates to universities or in close proximity to universities, distributed a total of 2373 Bibles in Polish and several in English and Russian. They
were able to get several personal contacts, and some people prayed to receive the Lord.
2. In addition, on Tuesday afternoon, April 24, the saints in groups carried out a “March with Bibles”. During the march they distributed a total of 261 Bibles.
3. On May 2-3 an average of 50 saints, mostly from Poland, in 8 groups in different parts of the city distributed a total of 2129 Bibles in Polish plus several in English and some in Russian. This time some personal contacts were established.

In summary, during the days of distribution, a total of 6069 Bibles in Polish were given away, and the saints were able to get a number of personal contacts.

We ask you to pray that the Lord will use all of these Bibles to cause the Polish people to turn their hearts to the living God and realize God’s economy for His kingdom to increase and the enemy’s kingdom of darkness to suffer
loss. May the Lord open the way for many of the personal contacts to become the increase of the churches.
-The saints in Poland

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