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Report on the First Distribution of the Polish Recovery Version

Thank you for your prayers for  our first distribution of the Polish New Testament Recovery Version.

On March 15, from 9am to 2pm, 10 saints participated in distributing the newly printed Polish New Testament Recovery Version at the Pedagogical University of Krakow (a small university with 15, 000 students) during their open day for prospective students.  We had a table on the public sidewalk near the entrance to the university, and we gave out 175 Polish New Testaments and 5 English New Testaments. 29 of the recipients subscribed to receive emails from Bibles for Europe. These emails encourage them to read and appreciate the Bible and also give them an option to join a Bible study.

During the distribution 4 people prayed to receive the Lord, and 8 personal contacts were established. One sister already had a positive appointment that evening with one of the students whom she met.

We had a good response from those in the community as well as from the university and high school students. Even a taxi driver honked at us and asked us to bring him a Bible before the traffic light changed.  Word spread fast that we were giving out Bibles. We brought with us more than enough Polish Bibles based on a previous distributions of English Bibles in the city, but we ran out twice and had to prepare more Bibles at the distribution table. Praise the Lord for His blessing!

We are planning to distribute more Bibles at three other universities next week (an one in April) during their open days. Than you for your prayers.

Please pray for the Bible recipients, for the follow-up care, and for the next distributions.

Much grace,

The saints who serve in Krakow

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