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Prayer Burdens

National Prayer Burden: Bibles for America Blog

Bibles for America Blog

On average, over 84,000 people visit the Bibles for America Blog each month. At this rate, the blog will have been visited by over one million people by the end of the year. Many are subscribers; others are people who come to this site by clicking on BfA blog posts that show up in their online search results.

The Bibles for America blog began in 2013 as a means to feed people with something of the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, and to make them aware of the free New Testament Recovery Version and books they offer. The hope is that the blog readers and visitors would order a New Testament Recovery Version and download the Christian e-books so they can fully discover and benefit from the riches in God’s interpreted Word.

  • As the number of people coming to this site via the blog increases, more and more people in this country have an opportunity to discover the rich ministry of the age. Please pray for all of these visitors to:
  • Notice the free New Testament Recovery Version offer and books and order them.
    Read the Recovery Version and books and be brought into the full knowledge of the truth and the experience of Christ as life.

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