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YP Parents Fellowship & Lunch (Feb 11)

To the Parents of Junior High & High Schoolers (and Sixth Graders):

The YP serving ones would like to invite you all to join us for lunch and a time of fellowship on February 11 at Hall 3, 12:30pm (620 Roosevelt). We have been considering, for quite some time, to make a change to our Summer School of Truth schedule and push it to the beginning of the summer.  There has been a lot of consideration on our end, taking into account the church calendar and many different YP and college events that we did not want to over overlap or compete with. We also felt the timing of the below proposal would be the best time for the YP, as they are just getting out of school and still in “school mode” or in that schedule.  Due to the fact that this would be a drastic change to our schedule, we didn’t want to make any final decisions before getting a chance to fellowship with you all and to get some feedback as well.  This would also mean that there will be a huge need for parent involvement and we will need to have a number of sub-group planning sessions in the coming months.

The proposed dates for this year’s SSOT are June 11-16. 

We have a number of details that we would like to present during our time of fellowship. We hope you all can make it.

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