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Prayer Burdens

International Prayer Burdens: Semi-Annual Training and the Lord’s Move in Germany and India

Semi-Annual Training in Anaheim, Dec. 25-30

  •  Pray for the full release of the Lord’s speaking to the churches.
  •  Pray for the receiving of this word in all the churches, that we would enter into the experience and reality of the word that is released.


Lord’s Move in Germany

Please continue to pray:

  •  That many seeking ones, especially the key ones, who received a free Bible will be shepherded into the church life.
  •  That more young saints from outside Germany will gain admission to German universities to make it possible for them to contact and gain the German students.
  • That the Lord will send experienced brothers who can provide leadership to the work in Germany.
  • For the increase, strengthening, and building up of all the existing churches in Germany.


The Lord’s Move in India—National College Students Training, Dec. 23-26

  • Pray that the God of glory will appear to these college students that they can answer His calling and become useful vessels for the sake of the Lord’s testimony and move in India.

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