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International Prayer Burdens: Lord’s Move in Germany and in Sri Lanka

Lord’s Move in Germany
Please continue to pray:

  • That those who are in the process of emigrating to Germany will find housing and jobs (for the job keeping full-timers) and will obtain visas to live and serve longterm in Germany.
  • That more young saints from outside Germany will gain admission to German universities to make it possible for them to contact and gain the German students.
  • For the learning of the German language by the saints who have emigrated.
    That the Lord will send experienced brothers who can provide leadership to the work in Germany.
  • For the raising up of lampstands in Hamburg, Munich, and other cities that were visited after the fall ITERO.
  • For the increase, strengthening, and building up of all the existing churches in Germany.


The Lord’s Move in Sri Lanka

  • Pray for the gospel propagation in Colombo from Dec. 11-16 that remaining fruit would be added to the church in Columbo that the Lord’s testimony in this capitol city would be enlarged.

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