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Church-Wide Blending Meeting

The church in Irvine will come together for its quarterly church-wide blending meeting at Hall 1 on December 10 starting with the Lord’s table at 9:30am. The Irvine-sent and Irvine-related trainees will be returning to join us for this time.

Parking: As with all church-wide gatherings, please carpool as much as possible. Parking in the parking lot should be reserved for those with 3 or more saints, the elderly, and those with children. Other parking is available on the street immediately behind the meeting hall or around Deerfield Park. Trainees and college students should part at Venado Middle School on Deerfield Ave. This is 10 minute walk across Deerfield Community Park from Hall 1.

Children: Children’s service will be coordinated as is usually done with all church-wide gatherings.

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