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Report on the Ministry of the Word Journey to Himachal Pradesh (Northern India)

In Solan, besides introducing and distributing the ministry books, the Lord revealed some genuine brothers who have already been enjoying the ministry books and are trying to practice the church life. One brother has been reading books by brother Nee and fellowshipped with us his enjoyment of the ministry. He and another brother, both businessmen, are taking care of three groups of believers at different homes after their work hours. They wanted to study the ministry books thoroughly and follow the Lord’s further leading.

In Shimla, besides meeting all the main Christian leaders and groups, the Lord led us to meet two very genuine groups of believers. They all ordered the ministry books in Hindi and are very eager to have more fellowship. A brother, who out of a burden from the Lord, had already established 14 local assemblies was overjoyed to hear out introduction of the book “The Glorious Church” and the New Testament Recovery Version. He ordered the whole set of ministry books and wanted all his coworkers to study the ministry books.

In Manali, a group of believers who have left the denominations and are assembling together as brothers and sisters invited us to minister to minister the word; with the leaders we had fellowship till late at night. They have been reading the ministry books and are considering the best way to practice the church life. They were very glad that we visited them, and reckon it as the Lord’s visitation.

In Kulla, a group of pastors gathered together to hear us. We spoke a message on the need for growth in the divine life and how the ministry books play an important role in helping the believers grow, then we introduced and distributed the books. Since we spoke in English a sister voluntarily translated for us to Hindi. She herself was so touched by the things we spoke. She later enquired about our schedule and requested us to stay in her house for more fellowship. We obliged her request, and there in her house, groups of pastors came to meet us in two batches, through word-of-mouth that spread about our presence in town. All of them received the ministry books.

Other Cities – Gaggal, Kangra, Dharamsala, and Naddi: A Christian group welcomed us to their Lord’s day meeting where they requested us to share out testimonies and the burden which led us to visit them. We did so, then introduced and distributed the ministry books. The following day a meeting was called for a group of pastors where we introduced the ministry books; they all were very impressed with them. All of them received the free books, and some placed orders for the entire set of ministry books in Hindi.

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