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Report of the Bible Distribution in October in Berlin and the Surrounding Areas

Locations in Germany— Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Regensburg, Stuttgart and other surrounding cities. Dates: October 9-13 and 16 – 21, 2017.

Statistics: No. of Bibles distributed in week 1—17438; in week 2—13928. Grand total—31366.

Highlights: In one location the saints were handing out Bibles and noticed a police officer observing them from a distance. He then made a couple of slow passes by them. Finally, he turned and began to approach them again. They were certain he was going to tell them they had to either cease what they were doing, or relocate. When he came up to them, he said, “I would like two”. He returned a few minutes later and said, “Can I have another one for my boss?”

On one campus, the brothers gave out a Bible to a student who identified himself as the leader of a campus Christian group. He really liked the Bible after he began looking at it, and soon was in fellowship with the brother who gave it to him. The brother shared with him about Eve being a type of the church. The young brother was so enthralled by this fellow- ship that he asked if he and the brothers could arrange a Bible Study with his entire group.

29 trainees and local saints were in Wittenberg from 10:30–14:00. We began with a visit to Lutherhaus, where he lived in corporate living with students in an environment of fellowship. We were impressed with aspects of his life and living. Then we had lunch and visited the Schlosskirche, where Luther nailed the 95 theses that many mark as a beginning of the Lord’s recovery and an age-turning event in the history of the church. The old city of Wittenberg is only two streets that run parallel to one another. The 29 of us walked from one end of the city beginning at the Schlosskirche to the other end at Lutherhaus. We had placards showing free Bibles with carts full of Bibles and instruments for singing. We passed out 110 Bibles in about 20 minutes. It was a sight to see 29 young people enjoying the Lord “marching” down the street. We felt it was a triumphal procession celebrating that the Lord’s recovery had come to Germany to finish what Luther began, and it was a glorious way to end the two weeks of distributions.

Impressions: This large number indicates an unprecedented openness among the German people, especially the university students. Behind these numbers is the story of an unprecedented openness in many of the cities and campuses where Bibles were passed out. In addition to Frankfurt, we covered an additional 11 cities and we met a lot of seekers, especially among the young people. We feel the Lord has preserved some of them for this time. The harvest is ripe and the workers are few. If we had enough saints, we could have 11 more lampstands around Frankfurt in a short amount of time. The dilemma for us is how to take care of these promising ones and the many new ones we already have. May the Lord thrust out more workers! The Lord has done superabundantly above all that we ask or think (Eph. 3:20). We are very thankful that the Lord has blessed this move of Bible distribution in an extraordinary way in Germany. We also appreciated the coordination and the preparation of the serving ones very much.

Follow-up Activities in Berlin: There were 7 new German students at the welcome dinner after the first week of distribution in Berlin and 15 at the welcome dinner at the end of the second week of distribution. There are Bible studies at the following schools in Berlin: Freie Universität; Humboldt Universität; Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht; and Technische Universität. Our own students, some of the ones contacted in the Bible distribution, and other new ones are attending the Bible studies. There is a student dinner and meeting in the homes on Friday evenings. Some of the students contacted during the Bible distribution are attending these home meetings. Appointments are being held with some of the new students. One of the students contacted during Bible distribution week 1 came to the Lord’s Day meeting on 12 November, 2017.

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