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Fall 2017 ITERO and Blending Trips

On October 5-7 the International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones (ITERO) was held in Leipzig, Germany. Over 1,900 brothers, including almost 500 European brothers, attended to receive the Lord’s up-to- date speaking on the recovery of the church.

Following the ITERO, more than 1,100 saints traveled across Europe to participate in 30 different blending trips. The local churches were greatly strengthened by the flow of life brought by so many visiting saints.

“In the blending of the churches we receive nourishment, we receive revelation, and we receive a vision of God’s eternal purpose concerning Christ and the church. Such a blending is not only for our own mutual spir- itual benefit but is also for the mutual building up of the Body of Christ.” (1993 Blending Conference Messages concerning the Lord’s Recovery and Our Present Need, ch. 2)

During the blending trips, saints also distributed over 35,000 New Testament Recovery Versions as well as thousands of pieces of literature. Many seeking contacts were met, and much prayer is needed that the local saints would have the capacity to shepherd and care for these ones.

The many blending trips across Europe concluded with regional conferences on Octo- ber 14-15 in nine cities—Brussels, Copenhagen, Florence, Krakow, London, Madrid, Paris, Stuttgart, and Thessaloniki. The conferences were a re-speaking of the rich messages from the ITERO, and it was clear through this speaking that the Lord is taking another major step to recover His church and the church life in Europe. The total attendance at all of the nine conferences exceeded 4,100. For at least 200, this was their first conference. Both Co- penhagen, Denmark, and Krakow, Poland, had the first Lord’s table on October 15.

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