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International Prayer Burdens: Fall ITERO Speaking and Blending Trips and Labor among the College Students in Germany

Fall ITERO Speaking and Blending Trips 

Please pray that all the saints will respond to the Lord’s rich speaking with much prayer that the recovery of the church and the church life would be realized in these days and especially in Europe.

Please pray that the Lord would continue to blend His Body and that there would be a prevailing one accord among all the saints in the local churches for the Lord’s move.

Please pray that all the local saints in Europe will be supplied and strengthened to shepherd (1) the many new contacts that have been gained through the Bible and literature distributions and (2) the new ones who attended a conference for the first time.

Please pray that the golden lampstands across Europe will shine brightly as the testimony of Jesus in each locality.

Labor among the College Students in Germany

Pray for the strengthening and the blending of the threefold cord among the full- timers, students, and community saints to labor together in a coordinated way and

On October 5-7 the International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones (ITERO) was held in Leipzig, Germany. Over 1,900 brothers, including almost 500 European brothers, attended to receive the Lord’s up-to- date speaking on the recovery of the church.

Following the ITERO, more than 1,100 saints traveled across Europe to participate in 30 different blending trips. The local churches were greatly strengthened by the flow of life brought by so many visiting saints.

“In the blending of the churches we re- ceive nourishment, we receive revelation, and we receive a vision of God’s eternal purpose concerning Christ and the church. Such a blending is not only for our own mutual spiritual benefit but is also for the mutual building up of the Body of Christ.” (1993 Blending Con- ference Messages concerning the Lord’s Recovery and Our Present Need, ch. 2)

During the blending trips, saints also distributed over 35,000 New Testament Recovery Versions as well as thousands of pieces of literature. Many seeking contacts were met, and much prayer is needed that the local saints that homes can be established as nests to contain the students and shepherd them into the church life

Pray for the care of the new students contacted during the Bible distributions in October and for the Bible studies being held on some of the campuses.

Pray that there could be an in-reaping of freshmen through the labor on the cam- pus at the start of the new academic year.

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