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Cherishing Our Irvine Sent & Related Trainees

We would like to put together care packages for all the Irvine-sent and Irvine-related trainees. The best way is if every small group can put together some items – either a little something for all the trainees or something for the trainees your group is more related with. The following is a list of items that trainees often enjoy receiving:

Highlighters (wet & dry)
Lint rollers
Post-it notes
Coffee or coffee gift cards
Instant coffee packets
Baked goods
Hand Sanitizer
Cough drops
Emergen-C packets
Tide-to-go pens
Small tissue packets
Hair ties (for sisters)
Travel-size lotion

Notes/cards of encouragement and enjoyment

Please drop off the care packages by
Lord’s Day, 10/29. We will have 3 drop-off
1. Hall 1 – to Sam Lee
2. Hall 3 – to Dave Beckman
3. Districts on campus – to Apphia Freeman

If you are unable to drop-off at those lo-
cations, please contact Apphia Freeman at 949-579-0835 no later than 2pm of Lord’s Day, 10/29. Thank you for participating in the care and shepherding of these trainees!

Below are the names of the trainees who are sent from or related to Irvine:

1st Term
Amber Sun
Andres Mendoza
Angela Oliva
Julia Chung
Kristie Ahn
Nestor Zepeda
Silvia Coto
Stephen Kwan
Susan Cheng
William Jeng

2nd Term
Daniel Jenkins
Joe Yu

3rd Term
Ann Huang
Bill Yeh
Chris Valencia
Crystal Huang
Elizabeth Lee
Gregory Lee
Lisa Matamoros
Peng Chen
Shannon Wong
Stephanie Wang
Yaquelin Aravelo

4th Term
Joseph Duque
Peter Cheng
Rachel Woo


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