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Rebecca Bayes

Dear Brothers:
On Thursday evening, October 19, at 6:15pm, our dear Rebecca went to be with the Lord. She was very peaceful and at rest. She had been sleeping most of the time and only responding a few times in the last few days. We had prayed together that the Lord would release her from the corruption of her diseased body and bring her to Himself. The Lord graciously answered our prayer and took her in the most peaceful way.

She was diagnosed with this very aggressive form of cancer only ten months ago, so her battle was not that long. Early on, following her diagnosis, she had become very peaceful and accepting concerning her destiny.. She would say, “I am not my own…” Over the course of her life, she had many transactions with the Lord and had consecrated all to the One who loved her. In a recent transaction with the Lord, she wrote the following paragraph:

“As I begin the next period of time that is before me I want to consecrate myself and my family again to the Lord. I give my life, my kids, my husband to Him. The price of consecration is higher it seems these days. Looking back, there is a cost, one that cannot be determined ahead of time. Looking ahead, I say, Lord, I’m yours. I know your worth, I have seen Your beauty and I say Lord, I give all.”

There will be a private graveside service for the immediate family members on Friday, October 27 and a Memorial meeting on Saturday, October 28, 2017. At the time of her passing our spontaneous prayer was one of thanksgiving and worship to the Lord. Our thanksgiving was for giving her to us and our worship to the Lord for sovereignly reigning over all things for His purpose and glory.

In Christ,

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