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Winter Training Annoucement

Place: Ministry Conference Center, 2431 W. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA
Simultaneous Webcast in Irvine (English/Korean at Hall 3, Chinese at Hall 1)
Dates: Monday, December 25, 4:00pm—
Saturday, December 30, 9:30pm
Donation: Live Training in Anaheim: $210 per trainee (Outlines included), Webcast in Irvine: $110 per trainee (Outlines included)
Online Registration: login.churchinirvine.org/training (One login per registration)
LAST DAY to register: October 22, 2017

Additional $50 late fee applies for Live Training in Anaheim. Webcast late fee of $25 may apply. Please follow the steps carefully.

REGISTRATION: ONLINE at log-in.churchinirvine.org/training (one login credential per registration) or Paper form given to local district responsible brother. (Make sure to designate the correct Hall for badge packet pickup. Hall 2 = Campus districts.)

DONATION: (IMPORTANT NOTE: Paying for another saint(s) does NOT equal registration.)

Pay online via PayPal or guest: www.churchinirvineofferings.com/training-donations

ONE registration donation per online form by check – Checks made out to the church in Irvine.

Registration email (Proof of registration)
Donation form email (Record of donation)

PayPal email receipt if donated by credit card.

Note: For the Live Training in Anaheim, they will NOT accept any walk-up registrations, substitutions, or additions as shared seats on the first day of the semiannual training.

Trainees under the age of 17 are required to participate in at least one video training before attending the live training. Young People: Attendance by young people under the age of 17 is discouraged. Trainees who are 15 years old and under will no longer be accepted to the live training, without exception. All underage
trainees must be registered for the training full-time; part-time and shared seats will not be
For any problems or questions please email training_registration@churchinirvine.org or go to login.churchinirvine.org/training.

The following brothers are responsible for registration in their respective districts:


District 1 – Kevin Kwan
District 2 – Sae Lee
District 3 – Bruce Li


District 4/5 – Francesco Prano / Wayne Kusu-
mo / Leon Wang

District 6 – Haixuan Shi

District 7/8 – Lazarus Sun / Han Chen / Alan Chung
District 9 – James Jin

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