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Prayer Burdens

International Prayer Burdens: Distribution of Ministry in India and Federal Election in Germany

Distribution of Ministry Literature in Northern India (Sept. 15-24)

For the first time there will be a distribution of the ministry in cities in India’s most northern state, Jammu and Kashmir. The distribution will be to Christian groups, seekers and leaders and pastors and at a Christian Leaders Conference in Jammu City.
Pray that the seed of the gospel of the kingdom may be sown widely, the ministry of the word as spiritual food may reach the seeking and hungry ones and for the gaining of materials for the building up of the Lord’s testimony in this part of India.

Federal election in Germany (Sept. 24)
The German federal election will take place on September 24. The results will decide the next German Chancellor.

Pray that the heavens will rule in this election and that the results of this election would further the Lord’s interest in Germany.


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