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Prayer Burdens

Report from Houston

Dear saints,

We received an updated report from the brothers in Houston regarding the impact of the flooding from Hurricane Harvey on the saints in Houston as well as the city as a whole. Due to the nation-wide attention to this natural disaster and the very real suffering of the saints there in Houston, we thought we would pass on this report for your prayerful consideration and support:

The rain has stopped yesterday evening yet the flooding is extending due to the reservoir and watersheds continuing to rise. We have confirmed 21 saints’ homes were flooded and watersheds continuing to rise. We have confirmed 21 saints’ homes were evacuated due to mandatory/voluntary evacuations. All saints are accounted for and doing well. We now know of 9 families of flooded homes who no flood insurance but believe there may be more once the saints under mandatory evacuation are permitted to return. The financial losses will be great for many saints. Yes, 4,000 more homes flooded in the west district area due to breeches occurring in reservoirs, lakes, rivers, bayous and creeks. Even without rain, the catastrophe continues to spread and this flooding may remain for a couple of weeks or more in these areas. 

I believe it was mentioned in a previous update that the meeting halls and public book store were not affected. 

The airports are slowly opening and will ramp up to full capacity through next week. Grocery stores are beginning to open. No freeway is yet fully clear and emergency dams are being erected by the state highway department to try to remove the water from some of the interstates flooded by the reservoir overflows. It is expected that these overflows may remain for up to 3 weeks. There are saints’ homes in these reservoir breech areas but we will not know their status until the saints are allowed to return.

However, in the midst of this tragic episode in human history, there is also something happening in the divine history:

Saints who were not affected by the flooding are seizing the opportunity to go out for the gospel and pass out free NT Recovery Versions and tracts. The reports are  coming from the prayer meetings in the districts here last night that there was much praise and thanks and petitions concerning all men. Right now millions in Houston realize they are but frail, mortal man – rich and poor alike.

Many saints have asked how they might be able to contribute to the church in Houston and the saints there who have lost so much. The brothers in Houston have suggested those desirous of making a financial contribution to do so here: www.churchinhouston.org/offerings.

If for some reason you are unable to contribute through the above website, but would still like to contribute to the saints in need in Houston, you can still do so through the church in Irvine. Simply make your offerings through the normal offering means (online or offering boxes), but please place the following designation on your checks and envelopes: “Houston Flood Fund.” In addition, we have provided the following link for your convenience if you would like to send an offering in the saints in Houston through the church in Irvine’s online offerings site: http://www.churchinirvineofferings.com/houton-flood-fund

May the Lord turn this tragic event into something so positive for the building up of the church, the preparation of His Bride, and the bringing in of His kingdom for His glory, honor, and praise!



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