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International Prayer Burden: The Lord’s Move in Germany

A number who have recently emigrated to Germany have found jobs, have found housing, have been accepted into universities, and have obtained student or work visas. For, this we give thanks to the Lord. There are, also, 56 saints planning to migrate to Germany in the next 2 months. Please pray:

  • That those who are now in the process of emigrating to Germany will find housing and jobs (for the job-keeping full-timers) and will obtain visas to live and serve long-term in Germany.
  • For the learning of the German language by the saints who have emigrated.
  • For the local saints to be strengthened and supplied in their preparation and coordination for the Bible distributions throughout Germany after ITERO.
  • That the Lord will send an adequate number of experienced brothers who can provide leadership to the work in Germany.
  • For the one-on-one shepherding and perfecting of key ones among the Arabic-speaking, Farsi-speaking and student new ones that they would be borne as remaining fruit and become function members of the Body.

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