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Invitation for the 2017 Houston Christian Conference

Dear saints,

In fellowship with the co-workers in the Lord’s recovery, we warmly invite all the saints in the churches to join us for a conference in Houston, Texas on the weekend of September 1-3, 2017. The burden of the conference is the gospel to all the nations (Matt. 24:14), with a view of reaching African Americans, as well as others of African descent, for the Lord’s testimony.

All saints are invited to come, but the saints in the churches who are of African descent are especially needed to carry out the work of contacting, shepherding, and building up the new ones that we will meet in the coming days. Hence, the saints who are of African descent are specifically encouraged to come, bringing their friends, relatives, and colleagues with them.

The matter of reaching African Americans has been a burden with many saints and co-workers in the Lord’s recovery for a number of
years, and it has led to much prayer and fellowship among the churches. Beginning in 2013 some brothers began to pray more definitely for this burden and in the spring of 2015 a conference was held in Houston to fellowship this burden and to labor on the gospel for this beloved community of people. A second conference followed in New York City in May 2016 and a third in September 2016 in Houston. In May of this year, the fourth conference was held in Atlanta, GA. More than 200 saints of African descent attended the conference along with 300 saints of other ethnicities providing a real taste of the one unique Body of Christ and the one new man. Sixty-six came to their first meeting on that weekend and a number of these live in and around the city of Atlanta. The encouragement of the saints expressed through their testimonies after these gatherings confirmed that this was surely something under the Lord’s blessing.

Because this burden for the gospel is a move of the Body of Christ under the direction of Christ the Head, all the saints are needed to pray and participate, regardless of ethnicity. Although it may seem that this burden is a matter of race, in fact, it is a matter of the ratio of African Americans currently meeting in the churches in North America (less than 1%) compared to the general population of African Americans in the United States of America (approximately 12.6%).

Our burden is to find a way to reach, contact, and reap a number of people of African descent both from the college campuses and from the community at large. We pray that theLord would reap some families from these communities throughout the United States and Canada for the expression of His Body, the preparation of the bride of Christ, and the advancement of the kingdom of God. The conference schedule will be:

  • Friday, Sept 1, at 7:30 PM
  • Saturday, Sept 2, at 10:00 AM & 7:30 PM
  • Lord’s Day, Sept 3, at 9:30 AM

All conference meetings will be held at the meeting hall of the church in Houston, located at 63559 Windswept Lane, Houston, Texas
77057. Detailed information regarding transportation, the availability of hospitality, and hotel information is available. All inquiries regarding this conference can be addressed to: churchinhouston@gmail.com.

Please feel free to pass this notice onto any saints who would be burdened with this matter. We regret that this notice is late, but we hope that it could be passed on in a timely way so that the saints who attend could make the appropriate arrangements for travel and accommodations.

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