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Prayer Burdens

International Prayer Burdens: The Lord’s Move in India and the European Young People’s Conference in Poland

The Lord’s Move in India

  • Pray for the training of full-time serving ones, July 26-29, that all these ones will be enlivened and equipped by the Spirit and the word to become a corporate army for the building up of God’s house in India.
  • Pray for the gospel propagation on the college campuses that the Lord would gain many students as useful vessels for His move in India.
  • Pray that more young people would attend the Full-Time Training in New Delhi and for the release of at least 25 new trainees for the new term of the training.


European Young People’s Conference in Male Ciche, Poland (July 23-29)

  • Please pray that the Lord will take a further step in Europe by speaking a timely word to all the European young people and their parents.
  • Pray that the Lord’s move in Europe will be strengthened and that His testimony would be built up and spread in Europe through this time.

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