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Memorable Quotes from the 2017 Summer Training

Our ultimate problem is not filthiness and sin, but death and separation.We need to live a prophesying life by loving the Lord to the uttermost.

Exodus 6:2 says, “I am Jehovah.” One day this will be rhema to you.

Every God-instilled longing that He as the unique source has installed in your heart, Jehovah will fulfill in His way and in His time.

In the entire universe, the unique blessing is the Triune God, and this blessing comes to us through the dispensing of the Divine Being
into us in His Divine Trinity–in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The oneness is a thermometer for the mingling. The oneness tells you how much you’re being mingled with the Triune God.

Son of man, look with your eyes, and hear with your ears, and set your heart on all that I show you….Tell all that you see to the house
of Israel.

If the church today corresponds to all the details of the holy building of God covered in Ezekiel and is built up in every aspect, God will
dwell in the church gloriously.

Humanity is designed and purposed for God’s building.

For God’s building I need the humanity of Jesus.

The more God we become, the more man we will be.

The human way of solving problems is to negotiate, but God’s way is to terminate; the best way to solve problems among people is to terminate everyone involved.

We need to be measured by the building of God so that we can be possessed for the building of God.

If what we are and what we do cannot match God’s building, it amounts to nothing in the sight of God.

Our main concern should not be with behaving ourselves or with becoming spiritual but with fitting into God’s house.

A basic requirement for the growth and development of the Body is that we recognize our measure and not go beyond it.

Only the Spirit of reality knows when and how we will see the pattern and design of God’s building and be measured by it.

To minister to the Lord means that whatever we do in our service to the Lord is for the Lord’s sake, for His satisfaction, His heart’s desire, His happiness, His goal, His pleasure, and His glory.

There is a flow in the universe that spans from eternity to eternity; it began with the throne and ended in a city.

The flow produces the building and eventually out of the building issues the flow. It is a holy cycle—more flow, more building; more build-ing, more flow.

The more we enjoy Christ, the closer we are to Him; and the closer we are to Him, the more important we are in His purpose.

The return of God’s glory depends on the building of the house.

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