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Prayer Burdens

International Prayer and Local Prayer

Bible Distribution at Kirchentag in Berlin and Wittenberg, GermanyAt the German Protestant Kirchentag in Germany last month almost 4800 New Testament Recovery Versions were distributed to
people, many of whom were university stu-dents, from at least 95 German cities and towns.

  • Pray for the prompt follow-up, that the Lord would gain at least 100 solid, seeking remaining fruits, and for the planting of “church trees” as golden lampstands all over Germany.

Burden from the recent Southern California Blending Conference

  • Pray that the Lord’s burden concerning The Vision of the Age, the Ministry of the Age and the Ministers of the Age would be received by all the saints that we would all see what is the vision of this age, treasure the ministry of the age brought to us through our Brothers Nee and Lee and build up a life-long habit of reading, en-joying and sharing the ministry publications that carry out the vision of this age.

The Lord’s Move in His Recovery—By the Spirit and in the Body

  • Pray that in these days in all the churches every saint would go to the Lord to seek His leading as to where the Lord would place them for His move in His recovery.
  • Pray that we would honor Him as the Head of the Body by giving Him the full liberty to place us where it pleases Him and that where He places us we would be a people saturated with the Spirit, absolutely one with the Spirit and in the fellowship of the Body for the Lord’s testimony.
  • Pray that in this way the Lord’s testimony would be built up in all the local churches and His move to spread His testimony on this earth would advance in an unhindered way.

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