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2017 Southern California Blending Conference – June 10-11

The co-workers in Southern California would like to announce a blending conference for all of the churches in Southern California to take place the weekend of June 10-11, 2017. Similar conferences have been held the last two years for the encouragement and blending of all the saints.
We look forward to the opportunity for all the saints in the churches in Southern California to be perfected into one through this special gathering! We look to the Lord that He will speak a timely word to meet the present need of all the churches in Southern California.

DATES: 6/10—6/11
PLACE: Ministry Conference Center, Anaheim, CA
Saturday (6/10):
Session 1 4:00PM – 5:45PM
Break 5:45PM – 7:00PM
Session 2 7:00PM – 8:45PM
Lord’s Day (6/11):
Lord’s Table 10:00AM – 10:30AM
Session 3 10:30AM – 12:30PM

On the Saturday of the conference, a break will be provided between sessions for dinner. However, no food will be available for purchase at the MCC. Saints should either bring a sack dinner or plan on making other arrangements to provide for their own meals.
Translation into Spanish, Chinese, and Korean will be available through personal FM radios and headsets.
The children’s meeting will be handled by the local churches in Southern California (and by the districts in Irvine).

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