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*Church-wide Picnic—June 4 On Lord’s Day, June 4 the church in Irvine will have a church-wide picnic starting at 12pm at Shelter 6 in the William R. Mason Regional Park. While the church will still meet by districts that Lord’s Day, all districts will end early at 11am to allow the saints time to change clothes and travel to the park.

Parking is $5 per car. Please also bring picnic blankets, sun tents/canopies, Frisbees, kites, sports equipment, volleyballs, softballs/ gloves/bats, and so forth.

*Summer Bible Camp—July 17-22 Registration is now open for the 2017 Summer Bible Camp. The registration link is h t t p : / / ti n yu rl . c o m /I r v i ne B i b l e C a mp. Deadline for early-bird registration is Lord’s day, June 18, 2017.

The dates of the camp are July 17-22, from 3:30-6pm Monday-Friday, and 4-6pm on Saturday for a family picnic at Northwood Park (Castle Park). Additional details are available at the link above.

We will also be meeting TODAY at 3:30pm in the Hall 1 house to coordinate for SBC. The saints are encouraged to join this time.

*Summer School of Truth—July 23-29 We are pleased to announce the 2017 Summer School of Truth (SSOT). The dates of the SSOT this year will be from Lord’s Day evening July 23 to Saturday night July 29. The young people as well as any burdened parents or saints may register for the SSOT on our website at www.irvineyp.com.

The purpose of the Summer School of Truth is in accord with our Savior God’s desire that all men would not only be saved but also come to the full knowledge of the truth. Please plan your summer accordingly for this important time. May all our young people be prepared by the Lord to be His useful vessels fully equipped unto every good work.

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