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Prayer Burdens

Local Prayer Burden: Rebecca Bayes and the Goetz’s

Prayer for Rebecca Bayes and the Goetz’sThe daughter of Tom and Joyce Goetz, Rebecca Bayes, has been battling cancer the last few months with no treatment providing any effect against the cancer. Part of the com-plication of her getting an effective treatment has been a difference in test results from biopsies taken. This week she has started a new chemo treatment to address the recently identified source of the cancer while she is waiting to get approval for a clinical trial that addresses this type of cancer as well. This matter has weighed heavily on Tom and Joyce who have recently migrated to Germany for the Lord’s interest there.

  • Pray that the enemy would be bound and that the Lord perfect will would be done; that Satan’s influence on the work in Germany would be bound, restricted, and fully stopped.
  • Pray that the pain and discomfort Rebecca has been experiencing would be reduced; that the current round of specialized chemo would be effective in stopping the growth of the tumors; and that Rebecca would be cleared to start the clinical trial as soon as possible.
  • Pray that the medical staff would have the wisdom to understand and treat this case in the most effective way, and that a clear treatment plan would be put into place.
  • Pray that the Bayes and Goetz households would experience the all-inclusive, tender care of the great Shepherd as He strengthens them to feed on Him and to lie down in peace under His protective gaze.
  • Pray that the work in Germany would advance in all the churches; that the perfecting of the new ones would proceed without hindrance; that the campus work would be blessed to the uttermost; and that the saints would be supplied and strengthened to press on in His work.


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