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Hospitality for Saints from India for the Summer Training

For the Summer Training in July the church in Irvine will have the opportunity to host saints coming from India. We are expecting around 15 saints to come and we would like to provide hospitality for them all in the homes of the saints. Having these saints stay in our homes and participate in the local morning study sessions will provide more opportunity for blending and fellowship with them.

If you are able to provide hospitality for one or two of these saints please contact the brother in your district who is responsible for
training registration. May the Lord’s Body be richly blessed by this “circulation” of fellowship in His Body through our providing hospitality to these saints.

How we need hospitality in the church life in the Lord’s recovery today. No one can estimate how much hospitality has built up the Lord’s testimony since the beginning of the Lord’s recovery in this country. Hospitality truly edifies. It brings much new blood into the fellowship of the Body. How we thank the Lord for this! In Romans 12:13 we are told to pursue hospitality, and in 1 Timothy 3:2, Titus 1:8, and 1 Peter 4:9 (Gk.) we are admonished to be hospitable. Among us, brotherly love should continue and hospitality should not be forgotten. (Life-Study of Hebrews, Chapter 55, Section 1)

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