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The Lord’s Up-to-Date Move in Germany and Europe

Below is a summary of key websites related to the Lord’s up-to-date move in Germany and Europe:1. Follow-up Trips to Germany: For the first half of 2017, there will be month-long follow-up trips in several key German cities. Information and registration can be found at Germany.Lebensstrom.de.

2. Bible Distributions: In Oct 2017 following the fall ITERO, there will be a coordinated Bible distribution effort that spans eight
different regions in Europe. More information and registration can be found at: ITERO2017.amanatrust.org.uk. To contribute for the printing of the RcV NT, please make a donation as usual to the “Church in Irvine” but please designate “Bibles for Europe” in the memo field.

3. Emigration: A call was made to the churches in North America to send 70 saints to migrate to Germany for the practical strengthening and building up of the local churches there. Information and an application can be found at lordsmove.org.
May the Lord continue to advance in His move in Germany and Europe through the whole earth.

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