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The Lord’s Up-to-Date Move in Germany (and Europe)

At the recent Special Conference held in Anaheim on Feb 17-19, the matter of the Lord’s up-to-date move in Germany (and in Europe) was brought up for the prayer and participation of the saints.In 2015 the Lord sovereignly brought about a million refugees from the Middle East to Europe, and primarily to Germany. The saints responded by distributing gospel tracts and other materials. In January 2016, approximately 200 trainees and serving ones made initial contact with many refugees on their winter gospel trips. Then over the next few months, about 1,000 saints participated in two-week follow-up trips to shepherd the new ones and to connect them with the local saints in the homes. With even more saints participating by prayer, this was truly a move of the Body, in the Body, and for the Body. In Fall 2016, approximately 100 saints participated in one-month follow-up trips to focus again on shepherding the new ones. Many of the saved and baptized ones began attending new believers’ meetings and brought their friends—leading to even more salvations and baptisms. Lastly, in the last several months, the Lord has
led the saints to begin laboring on the German college campuses to gain the local German young people—first in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf,
Berlin, and Stuttgart, and then in Munich and Hamburg—through Bible distributions and visitations.
In 2017, we expect the Lord will build on the momentum gained in 2016 in the following three areas:

1. German Follow-Up Trips. For the first half of 2017, there will be month-long follow-up trips for gospel preaching, shepherding, and perfecting in several key German cities among the refugees and the college campuses. Information and registration for these month-long follow-up trips can be found at Germany.Lebensstrom.de.
2. Bible Distributions. In October 2017, there will be a coordinated Bible distribution effort that spans eight different regions over
Europe. The goal is to distribute hundreds of thousands of Recovery Versions of the New Testament in various European languages.
a. Since this year is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation begun through Martin Luther, the general awareness and interest in
the Bible is anticipated to be higher than normal, especially in Germany. In the week following the Fall ITERO, saints will cover the
top 70 campuses throughout Germany with Bible distribution. Based on past experience, approximately half of those who receive a free NT are expected to ask for further contact.
b. Throughout the year, effort will be made to distribute Bibles in Germany via advertising and the internet as well as by direct distribution at special events. This effort will require IT and administrative personnel, especially German-speakers.
c. More information and registration for the Bible distribution and other events that will follow the autumn ITERO can be found at
ITERO2017.amanatrust.org.uk.d. To contribute for the printing of the RcV NT, please make a donation as usual to the “Church in Irvine” but please designate it “Bibles for Europe” in the memo field.

3. Emigration. At the Special Conference, a call was made to the churches in North America to send 70 saints to migrate to Germany for the practical strengthening and building up of the local churches there. Full-time serving ones, experienced campus workers, students, those who are self-employed or taking secular jobs, and retirees who are able to support themselves are all needed and welcome. The churches in Germany are small, and the need for pillars is great. Information and an application for emigrating to Germany and all of Europe can be found at lordsmove.org.

May the Lord continue to advance in His move in Germany and Europe through the prayer and fellowship of the Body!
Summary of key websites:
* Spring follow-up trips to Germany:germany.lebensstrom.de
* October blending trips and Bible distribu-tions: ITERO2017.amanatrust.org.uk
* Migration to Europe: lordsmove.org

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