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Letters from Trainees

Our Irvine-sent and Irvine-related trainees write regarding their enjoyment and experience in the FTTA for the encouragement of all the saints.Dear saints,

Hope you’re doing well! Recently in the Wednesday night ministry meeting, we have been covering the line of “The Overcomers in
the Church.” A recurring word and principle has been: In the coming age, the overcomers will enjoy the reward. In order to receive the
reward in the coming age, we need to enjoy Christ faithfully in this age. My prayer is “Lord I want to enjoy You more today than I ever
have in my entire life.”

Isa 57:20 footnote 1 says “[t]he evil condition of the wicked is that they do not come to the Lord to eat and enjoy the Lord. They do
many things, but they do not come to contact the Lord, to take Him, to receive Him, to taste Him, and to enjoy Him. In the sight of God, nothing is more evil than this.” This word exposed me. If I’m not enjoying the Lord in the midst of whatever I’m doing, it is evil in
His sight! The primary matter is to enjoy Him as our life supply. We need to overcome all the distractions to eat the Tree of Life today.
Then, we will be rewarded with the eating of the tree of life in the coming age!

One word from our Full Ministry class weeks ago that has been helpful to me is: No one can stop you from enjoying the Lord, and no one can stop you from ministering to people. As long as you are enjoying the Lord and ministering Christ to people, you are in the central lane of God’s economy. May we not let anyone or anything stop us from enjoying the present Christ in this age!

– Michelle C

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