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Report Concerning the Lord’s Move and the Church Life in Split, Croatia (Fall 2016)

Split is the second largest city in Croatia. It is located in the southern part of the counting y on the Adriatic Sea. Currently, approximately 20 to 30 saints are meeting regularly in the way of the church in Split. 

The saints in Split meet together three times a week for the prayer meeting, the ministry-reading meeting, and the enjoyment and overflow meeting on the Lord’s Day. It is now the regular practice among the saints to translate and use the European (LME) prayer list in list also with the saints in Zagreb, Osijek, and Hvar, Croatia, and in Novi Sad, Serbia. In this way the saints are entering into and praying for the burdens which are in the Body.

During the ministry-reading meeting the saints are now in the book The All-inclusive Christ. They very much enjoy what they read, and there is some good and fitting sharing after they read the chapter for that particular day.

The meeting on the Lord’s Day is in two parts, each approximately one hour. The first part is the time for enjoyment with singing and praising, and the second part is for the overflow and sharing. During the week the saints are divided into two or three groups of approximately ten saints in each home meeting, but on the Lord’s Day all the saints meet together. All the saints are encouraged to share from their enjoyment from the previous week. The Lord also opened a new home for meetings on Saturdays.

There are two more meetings in Split now – the brothers’ meeting and the sisters’ meeting. Previously, four or five local brothers were meeting together for coordination, prayer, and fellowship. Recently, the rest of the brothers in Split joined the smaller group of brothers, so the joy when they meet tis even greater and the fellowship fuller.

On another day the sisters come together for prayer, fellowship and enjoyment. The saints in Split are always encouraged and are very much open to blend with others – to travel to the One-week Trainings at Bower House, to the Young People’s Conference in Poland, and to blending conferences in other localities. Through such blending they leave the realm of their small town or region in the Balkans and experience the genuine oneness of the one Body of Christ.

Recently, a burden has arisen among the brothers in Split to take the ground there and start the breaking bread. If the Lord leads, they would like to start to break bread at the beginning of 2017.

Most of the initial saints in Split came to the church life through the literature and their contact with the saints. In addition, the first conference in Split in March 2014 was a crucial event for some of the saints. At that time all the saints were still scattered in many groups and denominations, but the rich word of God caught some. Mainly because of this fact, there is a long term burden among some of the brothers from Split to organize a blending conference in Zagreb, the capital and largest city. For now no date has been set, but the brothers are considering the first quarter of 2017.

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