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Report from Naples, Italy

A group of approximately 19 Italian believers in Naples have been receiving the ministry books from Rhema for several years. They shared with their pastors what they were seeing regarding the ground of oneness and the church life and were cast out of their denomination. Among themselves they determined to take the “way of the recovery” and began to meet earlier this year. We have met with them now on approximately 5 occasions both in Rome and in Naples.
These times are so anointed by the Lord Spirit, and we have the strong feeling that the Lord is personally shepherding them step-by-step into His recovery. In a recent visit we shared from the outline from the Crystallization-Study of Exodus on going outside the camp and entering within the veil, which was just where these precious saints are in their experience of leaving the denominations and learning to exercise their spirit. As we were sharing, there were tears in the eyes of some of these saints. When we opened the time for testimonies, one couple shared how they felt led by the Lord to return to Italy from Spain for “something new,” but they did not know what it was until that night. A sister shared that the Lord told her in a dream that He would lead her into what He was doing on the earth. A brother with a small family shared
that now that they have left the denominations, they need to see what a local church looks like. They need an example so that they do not repeat the religion that they left. We encouraged them to visit other churches, such as the church in Rome and other local churches, when they are traveling. We also encouraged them to attend the conferences in London (in the spring) and Baarlo (this month). Please keep these saints in your prayers.

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