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Prayer Burdens

Local Prayer Burdens: The churches in Southern California and the Sixth Grade Conference

The churches in Southern California

  • Pray that the burden and fellowship released during the recent blending conference of the churches in southern California will operate in the churches to bring the saints in the churches into living a life uniquely for the gospel for the Lord’s increase and spread in southern California.
  • Pray that the saints will be brought into a daily living of being revived and constituted with the truth that the priesthood of the gospel would be realized and built up in every locality.
  • Pray that the churches will receive the Lord’s commission to rise up and be one with His heart to go to the people of southern California to preach the gospel and teach the truth for the spread of God’s kingdom and the this age.


Sixth Grade Conference

  • Pray for the convicting work of the Spirit in this time that the children would experience a genuine repentance and the Lord’s salvation in receiving Him as their Savior in a definite way.

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