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Prayer Burdens

International Prayer Burden: The Lord’s Move in Germany

In Frankfurt:

  • More and more refugees are allowed to find and live in the apartments outside the camp with funding supported by the German government. Typical German landlords are not in favor of leasing their properties to refugees. Please pray that the Lord will grant them favor and open up the housing for His chosen and seeking ones so that we can continue the shepherding more effectively and bring them into the building of the church in the long term.
  • There has been positive follow-up with the local Germans through the contacts made during the  Bible Table distribution. Please pray that they will be released from the bondage of religion and receive the enlightening of the Word in the Bible.
  • Pray that more translators will be gained and constituted with more of the truths in the ministry.

In Stuttgart:

  • Pray for a constituted Farsi-speaking brother or sister to come and  stay in Stuttgart for a longer time to meet the needs of the new Iranian saints who are meeting in a regular way.
  • Pray for the local saints to  fully enter into the burden and open their homes so that the new ones can be shepherded into the church life.


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